The London Boy

"The London Boy" ni iki?

"The London Boy" ni sinema.

Ejo, twebwe tuzni "The London Boy".

The long read

Chidi travels to London after all the fetish schemes his uncles tried to prevent the trip failed. In London, he was resident at his friend Jide`s abode. Their friendship, however, severed when Jide realized Chidi was involved with Stacy, the girlfriend of his business partner and evicts him from the house. Meanwhile, Stacy`s father had returned to Nigeria and crowned chief and therefore a marriage agreement was enacted for her to marry another prince thereby upholding a high stem for the throne. Would she agree to the marriage? How would Chidi cope in the distress and pressures of a foreign land? What becomes of his uncle who never wanted Chidi to make the trip in the first place?

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